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about me

When I graduated law school in 1998, I began working for the Kings County District Attorney’s Office (that is Brooklyn). I worked there for six years on a wide range of cases. They included petty crime to large scale narcotics investigations involving extensive violence and gang activity.

When I left the District Attorney’s Office, I represented physicians throughout New York City, Long Island and Westchester County. These were medical malpractice cases where the doctors were being sued.

Though it paid much more, I did not enjoy my four years in civil litigation. All that I did was for the ‘money’ – my client was an insurance company, my boss wanted a set number of billable hours each month, and the plaintiffs’ attorneys only wanted a large settlement. I missed criminal law. I missed working for an individual’s interests. I want to do that again. When I moved to California, I decided to focus on criminal law.

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