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My rates are reasonable with a minimum retainer of $1,500 (depending upon many factors, it is possible that I would return some of this retainer when your case was resolved). Please remember that the rates entirely depend upon the following:

1. Your desired results; any attorney should attempt to determine what a client wants; it may be as simple as knowing whether a guilty plea is in your best interest; it may be a trial; moreover, you may need to avoid a criminal record to keep a particular license; this is my primary goal at our first meeting – to determine if I can help you with your desired results;

2. The facts and circumstances in your case; it is difficult to estimate the fee without understanding the circumstances in your particular case; and

3. The location of the court where your charges are located; obviously, if the court is located outside Orange County, you will have to pay more.

Consultation is free. It is an opportunity for both of us to meet and decide if we can work together. We can meet at my office in Orange. Alternatively, if you prefer, we can meet somewhere else at a time more convenient for you. Contact me today and set up a meeting – (714) 202-2568

I work alone. If you contact my office, you will only deal with one attorney – me. You will never deal with another attorney. In fact, if we develop an attorney/client relationship, I will provide you with my cell phone number and you can reach me when you need me.

Bar number 257355.